F-16 Head-Up Display

This HUD will let you discover a new way to fly your aircraft by always looking outside, always having all the flight information in front of your eyes, and flying the aircraft through its trajectory. Low-level flights and cross-wind landings with low visibility will not be a problem any more.

The F-16 HUD is based on the real F-16 HUD information. It has been developed using vector technology to provide optimal performance and quality, whatever the size of the display.



A complete documentation is available here or in PDF format here. Please read it carefully before contacting SimScape for support.


If you have already downloaded and installed the F-16 panel provided here, the F-16 HUD is already installed on your system. Please proceed to the payment, and a key will be provided to you by e-mail and you just have to register it using the application that is already installed on your system.

Otherwise, download the F-16 HUD using the links below, for FS2004 and FSX.

F-16 HUD
for FS2004
F-16 HUD
for FSX (SP1 or SP2)

Keep in mind that the HUD you download can not be used until you get a licence key for it. Please read the section below.

Licensing & Registration

The F-16 Head-Up Display can be purchased here, the price is only 11.90 €. Click on the button below to pay securely using Paypal. As soon as the payment is received by SimScape, you will get a key to unlock the HUD.

Proceed to the F-16 HUD Payment

When you receive your personal key, you just have to register it using the F-16 HUD key registering application installed by the HUD installer or by the F-16 panel installer. Your key is strictly personal, you are not allowed to give it to anyone, this is piracy.


If you have any problem installing or using the HUD, please report to the SimScape support page.