External Displays for Learjet 45 (FSX/P3D/FS2004)

External Displays for the Learjet 45

After the release of the Learjet 45 Full Flight Gauges, the SimScape decided to release the same displays as independant "stand-alone" applications that run separately from Flight SImulator (FSX, P3D or FS2004). This has been decided to help one of our customer who is currently building a Learjet home-cockpit, this is a great initiative !!

The features and look-and-feel of these External Displays is exactly the same as the Learjet full flight gauges that we already released, with :
The real difference is the fact that they run as separate applications on any PC of your network.

So if you have a multiple-machine configuration and want to let Flight Simulator get maximum CPU power,
or if you have several monitors and want to use one for a full-size external view,
or if you want to better take advantage of your multi-core CPU,

Then Learjet External Displays are for you !!

External PFD

Primary Flight Display (PFD) running as a stand-alone application
External MFD
Multi-Function Display (MFD) displays navigation or engine information,
depending on the display mode
The displays are based on the GDI+ vector drawing technology:

The window frame and pull-down menus can be hidden for optimal layout.

PFD without menu bar and window frame
PFD without menu bar and window frame
MFD without menu bar and window frame
MFD without menu bar and window frame

The position, size, rotation and settings of each display are saved in a configuration file when it is ended. It is automatically restored when the display is launched again.This is especially useful when a precise layout must be respected for each display, place and size them once and they will always appear at the same place with the same size.


Download and Purchase

1 - Download the Communication Module

By clicking the links below, you can download the Communication Module for FSX or FS2004.
This module must be installed on the PC that runs FS to provide information that FSUIPC does not provide: the flight plan. If it is not installed, the flight plan will not appear on the Multi-Function Display.
2 - Try before you buy

You can download the Learjet External Displays here and test them for free during 10 minutes. Testing before buying is a good way of making sure everything works fine on your system.
3 - Purchase

The Learjet External Displays are available for 34.90 Euros.
By clicking the link below, you will access the purchase page that will let you pay securely using Paypal.

Note: The same key is used for the the PFD and the MFD. You just need to register one of the displays.
Download Communication Module for FS2004 Download Communication Module for FSX
Download Learjet External Displays Installer
BUY External Displays
for Learjet


All the necessary is provided in the documentation here (PDF format here), but for a quick start, here is a summary of the most important information:

The Future...

You will tell us if the this product is useful. If it is successful, a more advanced version may come out with more realistic displays and advanced flight planning. Today, the flight plan managed in External Displays for Learjet is the FS standard flight plan created through the FS flight planner. It may be improved by creating a dedicated Flight Management System (FMS) with advanced features such as SID/STAR management, Navigraph database handling, altitude/speed/fuel predictions, ...