Learjet 45 - FSX/FS2004

Full Flight Gauges for the Learjet


This page describes the Full Flight Gauges for Learjet 45 standard edition. These are standard gauges for FSX/FS2004 designed to be integrated in an aircraft panel and used within Flight Simulator. They are provided with a custom version of the Learjet panel and automatically installed so that they are available in FSX/FS2004 right after installation.

The same Learjet gauges exist as External Gauges, which run as standalone applications that can be used remotely, possibly on a networked PC. The External Gauges are described on another page here. Please note these are 2 different products, with different prices, different installers and different registration keys.

The Learjet 45 panel is the first panel that includes Full Flight Gauges.
The common features for all the Full Flight Gauges are the following:
For complete information, please refer to the documentation.

The Learjet Full Flight Gauges have been integrated into a panel originally designed by Ken Mitchell, to let you easily understand how to integrate these gauges in any panel.
SimScape provides an automatic installer that installs this panel automatically on a new variation of the standard Bombardier Learjet 45 in FS2004/FSX.

Cessna Citation Sovereign panel
Sovereign panel in FS2004 / 2D Cockpit mode

Sovereign panel in FSX (2D Cockpit mode) with the throttle panel pop-up

Virtual Cockpit mode (FS2004)

Virtual Cockpit mode (FSX)

Panel Features

On the base panel designed by Ken Mitchell, the SimScape team has bought some minor upgrades to make it easier to use:


All the Full Flight Gauges features are described in details on the documentation page.

Download and Registration

1 - Download

By clicking the link below, you can download the panel installer. It will automatically create a new variation for the Lear45 aircraft that includes the new panel.

Download Panel for the Learjet 45 (FS2004)Download Panel for the Learjet 45 (FSX)

2 - Try before you buy

Only the set of Full Flight Gauges dedicated to the Learjet 45 are paying. You can try them before buying by installing the panel and fly in an area of 10 NM around Nice-Côte d'Azur (LFMN), the home of the SimScape team.
Testing the product before buying is important to make sure everything works fine on your system.

3 - Purchase

The Sovereign Full Flight Gauges for FS2004 and FSX are available for 6.90 Euros.
By clicking the link below, you will access the purchase page that will let you pay securely using Paypal.
As soon as the payment is received, a registration key will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Note: The same key is used for the FS2004 and the FSX version. You do not need to register twice if you download both versions of the installer.

BUY the Learjet Full Flight Gauges NOW

Installation within FS2004/FSX

The package comes as an executable installer. Just run it and proceed to the installation.
When the package is installed, run FS2004/FSX and look for the Learjet 45 variation named "Bombardier Learjet 45 Full Flight Gauges Edition". In FSX, check the box "Show all variations" if necessary.

Aircraft Selection in FS2004Selecting the right aircraft in FSX