External Displays for Learjet - Secure Payment

Click the Paypal putton to purchase the External Display for Learjet, unlimited version. This display set is composed of 2 displays: PFD (Primary Flight Display), MFD (Multi-Function Display) that includes Navigation Display and EICAS (Engine Information and Crew Alerting System).

When the payment is confirmed, you will receive a key within 24 hours.
Register the key in one of the Externl Display application using the File > Register menu. You should copy and paste the key to avoid any error.

Note: Don't be surprised if the Paypal payment page shows 'marciano.eric@free.fr", this is because our partner Eric Marciano manages the revenue sharing with royalties.

Secure payment with Paypal - Price: 34.90 €

MFD in navigation mode
MFD in engine/system mode