Mirage 4000 Package

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Virtual Cockpit
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Aircraft with afterburners
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SimScape is proud to present the new Mirage 4000 package for FS2004 and FSX. This package includes:
Some video clips made by happy users can be foudn on YouTube...

For easier installation, this package is provided with an automatic installer.
The aircraft and the panel are freeware, the HUD and the radar are the only paying parts. Get more information about registration here.

Head-Up Display (HUD) Integration

The HUD included in this panel has been developed by SimScape. Because it is a complex part of the panel, it is described and documented on the Mirage HUD page. The HUD is a paying product. A time-limited version with a 15-day trial period has been integrated in the panel to let you try it before you decide if you want to buy it or not.


The HUD can be used in 2D panel view, in Virtual Cockpit view or in full-screen view. To display the HUD in full-screen mode, switch off the panel by pressing the W key.

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HUD in 2D panel view
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HUD in full-screen view
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Radar Integration

For an optimal experience, this panel has been designed to integrate the radar developed by Eric Marciano. It is not integrated in the panel because it is a paying product that requires a licence key. If you already own this radar, it will auotmatically appear in the lower part of the panel (VTB). If you do not have the radar yet, you can get more information on the Eric Marciano website here.

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Keep in mind that the radar is linked with the Head-Up Display (HUD). This is why we recommend the joint usage of both systems. Refer to the Mirage HUD page for more information.

Panel Layout

The Mirage 4000 panel is composed of the left MFD (called AMF in French), the center MFD (VTB in French), the control panel, the radar (if installed), the HUD and some standard gauges. All these panel parts are shown in the image below and will be explained later.

Some explanations might be necessary about the acronyms used here:

Multi-Function Displays (MFD)

Left MFD (AMF)

The MFD located on the left is called AMF in French, for "Afficheur multi-fonctions". The MFD located on the center lower part of the panel is the VTB, "Visualisation Tête Basse". Don't forget this Mirage was manufactured in France.

Left MFD - AMF

The AMF provides all the necessary functions to control the radio frequencies, the radio navigation and the autopilot.
The top buttons select the AMF current page.
The left & right buttons let the pilot adjust the data displayed on the page, when possible.
The bottom buttons are memory buttons, to store often used pages and come back to them easily.
These images extracted from the old documentation written by Eric Marciano help understanding how the AMF works

Center MFD (VTB)

The VTB is controlled from the control panel and displays the moving map or the radar, if installed.

Moving mapRadar


The autopilot is controlled through the AMF A/P page.
A set of lights in the panel elts the pilot know what autopilot mode is engaged, as explained on this image.

Autopilot modes

Control Panel

The control panel lets you control the center MFD and the audio radio-altimeter.

Control Panel

The HUD brightness can be adjusted using the knob framed in red on this image:

HUD Brightness
 This knob is located just above the control panel.

Download & Registration

Click on the links below to download the Mirage 4000 package for FS2004 and FSX.

Mirage 4000
for FS2004
Mirage 4000
for FSX (SP1 or SP2)

This panel includes a time-limited version of the Mirage HUD. If you want to get a full version (unlimited), direct to the Mirage HUD page.

Note for FSX users:
A warning will appear for each gauge of the Mirage 4000 panel when you load the aircraft for the first time. This is because the gauges are not digitally signed. Do not worry about this and accept all the gauges.

Copyright and Credits


The aircraft provided in this package was developed by Eric Marciano and Romain Lucas. It is a freeware product and must remain freeware. You are not authorized to use this aircraft without the written permission of the authors.
SimScape thanks Cyril Pioffet for the afterburner effects and Frank Safranek (www.mirage4fs.com) for beta-testing and designing help.

Analog Gauges

All the gauges included in this panel were developed by SimScape developers. Some gauges are based on old freeware gauges developed for FS98 by Flightsim Developers. We at SimScape were unable to contact any member of this group to ask them their authorization. This is why these gauges must remain freeware, SimScape has just ported them to the newer FS2004 format that makes them compatible with FS2004 and FSX.

Head-Up Display (HUD)

The Mirage HUD is the master piece of this panel. It is sold by SimScape on the Mirage HUD page. For demonstration purpose, a time-limited version of the HUD is included in this package. You are not authorized to use this HUD in your panels without the written authorization of SimScape.
If you are interested in using this HUD for professional purpose, please contact SimScape here.